Come to Coupeville
The heart of Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve

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Top Attractions:

Rosie the Whale
Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival
Ebey's Landing Historical Reserve

Snail Mail

Send birthday cards, checks and chocolates to:
M. Denis Hill
PO Box 741
Coupeville, WA 98239

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Suggestions are welcome! We love to hear about new businesses, organizations and attractions in and near Coupeville. The site links to many others, so if you know about a change of Web address for anything listed here, please let us know. Email all inquiries to


Photos on this web site are available online at A selection of prints is available at Penn Cove Gallery on Front Street.


Bribes are welcome. Since Denis pays all expenses for the site, any token of appreciation helps: checks, gift certificates to Coupeville restaurants (to sustain the artist currently known as Denis) and other consideration are accepted. His PayPal account is

Photography by M. Denis Hill, Qualified Panoramic Photographer, is featured on this site..